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Terminal& Summative Examinations Begins

Organize your exam preparatory material all in one place. Keep your notes, your text books, past years question papers and the time table in one place. This is the first step towards your preparation.

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Azamgarh cbse school
Founder & C.M.D.
CBSE school at Azamgarh
Mr.Shah Alam
Will your way to victory

Firm must be your will, patient your heart and passionate your aspiration to attain the fulfilment of your great goal. All the performances of great human art, unbelievable discoveries and miraculous feats of scientific achievements, which we regard as wonders are nothing but perseverance in disguise...


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Mrs.Aarti Bhadauria

Azamgarh Public School will be an outstanding school with a tradition of excellence. We look forward to an exciting and successful era of learning and discovery. Education is our best hope and most effective means in the quest to achieve sustainable development. Education helps children develop their basic values, attitudes, skills, behaviors and habits, which may be long lasting.

Education is about laying a sound intellectual, psychological, emotional, social and physical foundation for development and lifelong learning, it has an enormous potential in fostering values, attitudes, skills and behaviors that support holistic development of students. Educational achievement requires persistence, dedication and endeavors. The journey we begin today is focused on delivering an academic programme that reaches out to all of our students so that they can discover the true joy of learning.


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  • best school Azamgarh
“Recognition of Excellence”

Our students have brought enormous laurels to our institutions. They have proved that anything is possible, if you have the courage to take calculated risks and work hard. Vidhyaans are outstanding in both academic excellence and extracurricular activities. The management feels honoured for “There is always a spectacular effort shown by the Vidhyans to achieve the vision of the Institution”