The foundation of Azamgarh Public School was made to provide students with the State of Art facilities and faculty to help them discover their best part in them. The classes span from Nursery to XII. The school is affiliated to CBSE, has a Boy's Hostel, and is ISO certified.


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Student life is considered a blissful period. Students @ APS use their resources to make it pristine. See how...


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Academic success is important because it is strongly linked to the positive outcomes we value. Adults who are academically successful and with high levels of education are more likely to be employed, have stable employment, have more employment opportunities than those with less education. Academic success is important because working people will need higher levels of education to tackle the technologically demanding occupations of the future. Explore below some of the academic activities carried out at APS lately.



All round development essentially means intellectual, physical, moral, sensible and social development. All round development can be achieved only through education. Co-curricular activities play a fundamental role in the making of a man and his development as a culturally well developed social being. One boosts his/her confidence when they test themselves through these oppurtunities and despite the odds, earns success. And this is why this section is of utmost importance to every child. Find more about the latest happenings below:


The National De-worming Day was observed in Azamgarh Public School on 10/02/2018. On this occasion Dr. Soofia Utsahi, physician to the President of India was present in the premises and she emphasized on the diseases caused by various types of worms and the precaution measures to be taken. The Manager, Mr. Mohd. Noman Ahmad expressed his gratitude to The Principal, Vice Principal, Coordinator and all the teachers and staff members for holding such important issue which will help in making a healthy India. The Principal, Ms Huma Waseem said that due to worm infestation, thousands of children suffer from various ailments and many lose their life as well. She further said that we should be aware of this and take precautionary measures like washing our hands before and after meals, keep our nails clean and take anti-helminthes medicines at least twice in a year. The Vice Principal Mr. Sandeep Rai and Coordinator Ms Richa Mishra also stressed on this matter and said that awareness about the worms should be spread and precautionary measures should be taken accordingly. Free de-worming medicine was distributed to the students and staff in the presence of Dr. Soofia and Dr. Bebal Utsahi.

In the end, the Principal Ms Huma Waseem thanked everyone for the same and reminded not to forget this day as an event only.


A grand gala “fete” was organized in APS on 14 November 2017. In fact, the management decided to organize this challenging event for the first time since its inception and handed over the responsibility to teachers of all the four Houses, viz., Aziz, Sir Sayyed, Rahul and Shibli, and also to the staff members of administration department. Different houses arranged and prepared a range of eatables and drinks like, Pizza, Momo, Chaat, Dahi Vada, Phulki, Samosa, Jalebi, Burger, Pastry, confectioneries, Kachaloo, Bara Pao, Cotton Candy, Aloo matar Tikki, Pop corn, Bhel Puri, Chow mein, Banarasi chaat, Cake, ice-cream, cold drinks, coffee, etc. Besides these, several interesting games were also organized by these houses like, throwing of rings, blowing of balloons, feed laddoos to Bheem, dropping coins in the water, Dare to connect, Computer games, and many more. There was a huge rush of students, besides their guardians. All the stalls were beautifully and technically arranged by the admin department staff members, no one had any problem as such for getting their favourite dishes from respective stalls. Manager Sir, Mohd Noman Ahmad, also visited the fete and was delighted to see the arrangements, rush of the students, dedication of all staff members, the foods & drinks. He also visited all the stalls and tasted the delicious items there. Principal Madam was continuously monitoring all the activities on the ground. Ms. Richa Mishra took control of the ‘Song on Demand’ and played songs as per the students’ request, personalizing them with the messages to their friends. The tiny tots jumped with joy on the huge Mickey Mouse which was the centre of attraction for the day. The ‘Fun Fiesta’ concluded at 2 pm and the students boarded their buses with a smile and memories of the day.


8th Oct, 2017

A grand function was celebrated in APS. The theme was “Corruption Free India”. The function included slogan writing, cartoon making and a ‘street play’ (Nukkad Natak). It started with an oath taking ceremony by the students of IX to XII. The students emphasized the impact of corruption on our society and clarified how corruption was making our country hollow, and how it was shaking the basic roots of our country in all aspects. They also explained as how we can control the corruption by changing our thoughts, filtering knowledge and of course, by changing the way we vote in elections as majority of the leaders are corrupted. This play was also enacted in other areas like Rani Ki Sarai and Kotila by the same students. It was appreciated by all present there. The students of VI to VIII participated in slogan writing and cartoon making relevant to anti corruption. On this occasion, the students of Shibli House celebrated Guru Nanak Jayanti, the Sikh Guru by reciting Shabad kirtan and others. The students also celebrated 142nd birth anniversary of Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel, the Iron Man of India, by giving him respect through speeches on his achievements and service to the nation. The manager, Mr. Mohd. Noman Ahmad gave an inspirational speech on this occasion. He emphasized on self introspection that would change our thoughts and performance, thus helping our nation towards the path of glory and development. The Principal, Ms Huma Waseem, expressed her gratitude and appreciation to all those who made this programme a grand success.


18th Oct, 2017

On the eve of Diwali, the school celebrated the function with full zeal. The show was anchored by Yash of class VIII, followed by the pledge, thought, News, etc. Anurag Rai of VIII told about the importance of Diwali, it was followed by a dance no by Kishan of XII B2 which was dedicated to Ganesh ji and Goddess Lakshmi. The tiny tots of LKG read a beautiful poem and they also portrayed the role of Rama, Lakshmana and Seeta. Junior students of VI – VIII portrayed as lord Ganesh and Goddess Lakshmi. The Principal, Ms Huma Waseem, thanked all the students participated in conducting this beautiful programme, and also the Vice Principal, Mr. Sandeep Rai, and Coordinator, Ms Richa Mishra and other staff members for their support to make this programme a successful one. Overall, the function was a grand success.


17th Oct, 2017

The 200th birthday of Sir Sayyed Ahmad Khan was celebrated in APS. In the beginning, the students of XI B2 gave a brief introduction about Sir Sayyed, like his birth, education, aim in life, achievements, etc. He was highly convinced by the British system in terms of education and other matters, which he decided to adopt in terms of Indian society later on. He established the first Muslim University of Asia in Aligarh, named Mohd. Anglo Oriental College, which was eventually named as the famous Aligarh Muslim University in 1920. The main motto of AMU was “Taught Man What He Knew Not”. AMU not only provides education but etiquettes as well. Thereafter, Fareha Mahmood of XII C1 named the eminent persons who took their education from AMU. After this, Fahad of XI B2 read the last message given by Sir Sayyed Ahmad Khan. It was followed by an inspirational speech by Principal, Ms Huma Waseem who illustrated the achievements made by Sir Sayyed Ahmad Khan. In the end, the function ended with the “Tarana” written by the famous poet Majas Lakhnavi, all the eminent teachers also participated in this followed by National anthem.


7th Oct, 2017

Various inter house activities, like Diya decoration, Thali decoration and Rangoli competitions were held at APS. The students of I to V participated in Diya decoration competition. They prepared beautiful and decorative Diyas using various materials, colors and their innovative ideas which were highly appraised by almost everyone present over there. Thali decoration competition was done by the students of VI to VIII wherein they prepared excellent Thalis (plates) covered with colored papers and/or various paints. The Thalis were decorated from outer side with colored papers, ribbons, beads, etc. The senior students of IX to XII participated in Rangoli competition. They prepared a variety of attractive, colorful and eye-catching Rangolis that looked quite striking from all perspective. Mr. Sandeep Rai, Vice-Principal, and Ms. Richa Mishra, Coordinator appreciated the efforts of the concerned teachers and the students involved in it. Ms. Huma Waseem, the Principal, thanked everyone for making this activity a successful one. The events were judged by the Principal, V.P., Coordinator and Art Teacher.


26th Sept, 2017

A special program ‘Investiture’ was held in APS today. The main aim of this function was to provide a platform to showcase the leadership skills and abilities of our students. The students were explained how ’delegation of authority’ is being provided to them and how they have to accept the responsibilities therein. This helps the students to have their leadership qualities and become good citizens of the country.The function began with the ‘Lighting of Lamp’ by the honorable chief guest Mr. Luqman Ali Khan, DGM (Regional Manager), Union Bank of India, Azamgarh, Mr. Md. Noman , Manager APS, Mrs. Huma Waseem, Principal APS, Mr. Sandeep Rai, Vice Principal and Mrs. Richa Mishra, Coordinator.It was followed by the ‘Welcome Song’ by the school choir. Thereafter, Mr. Mohd. Noman Manager, delivered as inspiring speech. In the main ceremony, the honorable chief guest Mr. Luqman Ali Khan handed over the respective posts and presented the badges and sashes to all the students accordingly. This was followed by an ‘Oath’ taking ceremony which was lead by Principal Mrs. Huma Waseem and ‘Prayer’ was conducted under the guidance of Vice Principal Mr. Sandeep Rai.
The Head Boy Master Shahrose Ahmad Iraqui and the head girl Miss Fareha Mehmood (from Class XII C1) delivered speeches respectively. The chief guest Mr. Luqman Ali Khan gave a highly motivating and inspiring speech to the students and explained how they should follow the instructions of their elders, follow the responsibilities and become good citizens of the country.After the inspiring speech, the tiny tots displayed a magnificent dance number that thrilled everyone present there.It was followed by the speech by Principal Mrs. Huma waseem who emphasized on the responsibilities which the students would take seriously.The coordinator Mrs. Richa Mishra thanked everyone for making the function a special one. The program was concluded by the National Anthem.



25th July, 2017

Yellow Day was celebrated held on 25th July, 2017 in the premises of Azamgarh Public School. Blooming Birds (Nursery-UKG) participated in this celebration by wearing yellow color dresses. The tiny tots conducted the assembly in which they dressed up as yellow colored fruits like mango, banana, pine apple and recited poems. The teachers organized fun games for the students. The parents cooperated by sending their wards in the color theme. The students also brought some or the other yellow colored food. The aim of such event was to familiarize the tiny tots with the color and things associated with it. The whole event was planned and organized under the able guidance of the Coordinator Ms. Richa Mishra and the Class teachers of Nursery, LKG and UKG. The Principal Ms. Huma Waseem and Vice Principal Mr. Sandeep Rai congratulated the teachers for their efforts

Physical conditions can leave both positive and negative effects on the students' all-inclusive development. School buildings, classrooms, playgrounds, laboratories and libraries are the most important aspect of school infrastructure. Spacious and refurbished buildings and well- ventilated classrooms along with an under-construction auditorium, APS provides its students unmatched infrastructure here at Azamgarh as can be learnt from below:


Students willing to study at school but being unable to because of the residence in far flung areas have the option to opt for the Boarding facility in the available Boys' Hostel. They live under the supervision of a full-time Warden, are provided with daily tutions by the residential teaching-staff, and are given nutritional and delicious food and snacks everyday with a routine menu designed along with student representatives.


Being located at the proximity of the center in the district, the students have the option to avail the transport facility provided by the school in all four cardinal as well as regular directions. For added security measure, to keep a check on the absentism among students, they are also given a head-count everyday by the assigned teaching staff.


This age is governed by the Information Technology. One who masers it rules it. To give this edge to our students, our computer labs anchored at both Academic Blocks comprises a combined strength of about 70 computers which enable them to learn from the basic Office Suite operation, to moderate programming, web development and animation, to advanced software development in IDE. This age has provided all means of open-source learning facility,


The gift of Science when applied for the development of society has bore great fruits. To pass on this inquisitive nature among our students, they are provided with the facility to work in fully furnised Science Labs equipped with all necessary precautionary measures to avoid any mishap.


With over 20 periodicals, 8 dailies, 4,500 reference books and other 5,000 in miscellaneous section; students have the ample oppurtunity to gather their thoughts and learn from the previous wisdom at their disposal.


Audio-visual technique is the best mode for the teaching-learning process. Thus, Digital Classrooms have been implemented for each class to ensure that the doubts of the students are cleared beyond any doubt.


When children get the oppurtunity to apply their daily observance of structures, ideas and theories into crafts, it helps them to discover their own interest and build thereupon a trail self-confidence helping them in future endeavours; and it all begins here with their models in our Art and Craft room.


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19th JULY, 2017

As everyone knows that Azamgarh Public School is a place where one recieves the power of knowledge, sometimes we need some inspiring moment to improve ourselves. fortunately we had a cheif guest, Mr. Ameer A Manappat, the chairman of MANAPPAT group, in our school premises. We, the teaching staff, were enlightened in some areas that can be the tonic for the children. According to him, a teacher can make a country progressive. School is the very epitome of getting knowledge which flows constantly where one can get a perennial stream of boundless joy. We need to counsel a child in the area which he or she is interested in. teachers build the foundation of a child. This is a great job to educate the children.On the other hand, Mr. Tarique Siddiqui concluded that India has super power and if we educate each and every child, our country will have identity in whole world. Also, he added that parents must promote their children in co-curricular activities for all round development.Thus, the programme was brought to the end. All the teaching staff along with the management committee was present at this special moment. The teachers were impressed and ready to follow the guidelines given by them.


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