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All round development essentially means intellectual, physical, moral, sensible and social development. All round development can be achieved only through education. Co-curricular activities play a fundamental role in the making of a man and his development as a culturally well developed social being. One boosts his/her confidence when they test themselves through these oppurtunities and despite the odds, earns success. And this is why this section is of utmost importance to every child. Find more about the latest happenings below:


Covid Vaccination Camp

As per the instruction of Government of India, Azamgarh Public School organized Covid vaccination camp for the persons aged 15 to 18 years and above, in which mainly students, staff and family members got immunization(vaccination) done. During this all ; protective measures related to Covid-19 were ensured . The Principal of the school, Ms. Huma Waseem said that if we want to defeat corona, it is necessary to get ourselves and our family members vaccinated, vaccine is a protective shield to fight the corona epidemic. She added that collective understanding needs to be displayed so that people may step ahead for vaccinations, for vaccination is the only panacea from which we can safeguard our society .

Apart from this, habits like covid style mask, two yards distance , hand and mouth cleaning time to time are very important even after vaccination. In this vaccination camp, almost 200 people were vaccinated that was encouraging for the organizers of the camp. Coordinator Ms Richa Mishra played an important role in making this camp a success. In the end, Manager Mr. Noman Ahmad C.A congratulated the ANM Garima and Prabha for the successful organization of the camp and encouraged everyone present there .

Rehan Ahmad



"A woman in any form should be celebrated and honored; be it as a mother, sister, daughter or a wife. A woman is a symbol of love, God's finest and beautiful creation".

With this thought, commenced the special assembly on International Women’s day hosted by the students of Hostel. The Assembly began with a didactic prayer followed by an inspirational thought.The poem "Aurat" of Kaifi Azmi was recited by the students to acknowledge all the women for making this world a better place to live in and celebrate the elegance of womanhood. The aim of the assembly was not only to entertain children but to depict the power of women and make everyone realize the great power women have for the well being of the family and society.

The assembly concluded with few enlightening words by Principal Ms.Huma Waseem emphasizing the role of women in our society. She motivated the girls and said that they have the Shakti -the power to fearlessly face all challenges that come their way. They are not only the epitome of beauty but are the actual strength, support and inspiration for strong foundation. She presented rose to all the ladies staff as a token of respect on their Day.


"Basant Panchmi" is an occasion which marks the advent of the spring season and is also celebrated to worship Saraswati, the Goddess of knowledge and wisdom. This day was celebrated at Azamgarh Public School with great fervour and enthusiasm.

This year Basant Panchami celebration was all the more important as it was the first festival celebrated with the students post Covid break with all the necessary precautions taken by the staff and the students. The students assembled in the ground to pray and attain blessings from Goddess Saraswati to reach the epitome of knowledge. The celebration started with a beautiful Saraswati Vandana.

Students also presented a song and on this occasion which was enjoyed by everyone. The celebration helped the students to stay in touch with the customs of our country, learn the qualities of team work, leadership and cooperation.

The Principal Ms. Huma Waseem motivated the students to be progressive learners, setting big goals and putting dedicated efforts as a promising & flourishing human harvest.


Azamgarh Public School celebrated India's 72nd Republic Day in the school campus. The patriotic fervour warmed up the cold winter morning as the teachers,children and staff members of the school enthusiastically gathered to hoist the national flag.The celebration commenced with the hoisting of the Tricolour by the Manager Mr. Noman Ahmad ,Principal Ms Huma Waseem.

The Manager in his address highlighted the significance of the day, and made the children aware that the future of their country lies in their hands. Hence they need to study well now and inculcate good values in life, which will help them to be good citizens of the country.

The Principal addressed the students reiterating the sanctity of the occasion and urging them to uphold the honour and integrity, diversity and uniqueness of the nation.She advocated them to be brave and face all the challenges with courage as they are the ones who can take the country to new heights.A cultural bonanza incorporated songs by the choir group,and speech held on the occasion. The students dispersed after snacks with the image of the fluttering tricolor in their mind.

By Rehan Ahmad


APS celebrated Diwali on 25/10/2019 before the school closed down for the Diwali holidays. Rahul House conducted a special assembly on the occasion in which they presented a short play to highlight the importance of the day and the reason why it is celebrated. In the play, the abduction of Sita by Ravana and then the defeat of Ravana by Lord Rama was depicted. The welcome of Rama, Sita and Laxman by the people of Ayodhaya was also showcased. A small dance performance was also presented to welcome the Prince after the Exile and the victory over evil. The students lighted the diyas and presented the teachers and the support staff with sweets and wished everyone a Happy and Safe Diwali. The students also requested everyone to minimize the use of crackers and protect the environment from pollution.

It was a joyous moment to see smiles on the faces of the menial staff as they also joined in the celebration. A message of Nation Integrity and Happiness was sent forth with this celebration.


APS celebrated Yellow Day with the Pre Primary students on 24/10/2019.

The Students and teachers came dressed in yellow clothes and decorated the premises in the same colour theme. The students presented poems, dance and songs based on the importance of the colour. The tiny tots dressed up as sunflowers, marigold etc. The children enjoyed themselves as they danced and sang. The teachers were appreciated for their efforts. The parents support in conducting such events is also appreciated. Later the students were distributed cup cakes as they went back with a dazzling smile on their faces.


Azamgarh Public School organized sports events for the students to commemorate the Legendary hockey player Dhyan Chand on his birthday. The students of senior classes participated in various sports like volleyball, kabaddi, kho kho, badminton whereas the students of middle school participated in races, like sack race, lemon and spoon race, tug of war.

The school also made provision to listen to Honorable Prime Minister Narendra Modi on the launch of FIT INDIA MOVEMENT. The students of classes IX to XII listened to the Prime Minister and also took the pledge for a healthy and fit life.

Keeping up with the day, the students of classes Nursery to XII were also administered the de worming medicine provided by the Government. This was done in the presence of a qualified doctor.

The video for the event can be viewed through this link.


Aug 15, 2019

Azamgarh Public School celebrated the 73rd Independence Day with great enthusiasm. The Tricolor was unfurled by the Manager of the School, Mr. Noman. The school premises reverberated with National Anthem sung in unison by the students and staff. The students presented a small cultural program in the form of songs and dances. A small skit was also presented to remind us of the sacrifices laid down by Martyrs like Bhagat Singh. The occasion was also graced by the Chairman of the School, Mr. Shah Alam Jamali. Mr. Jamali appreciated the efforts of the staff and students and said that he dreamt of a nation free of corruption and fear. He said that this would only be possible if our young generation followed the path of honesty and hard work and school play a pivotal role in framing the personalities of their students. He said he hoped that one day APS would produce IAS officers, Doctors and Engineers who would change the face of the Nation. He said that APS is not a profit making institution, but aims at social reform and development through education.

The Principal, Ms. Huma Waseem congratulated everyone on the pious occasion and said that she hoped the students of APS would shine bright.

The Coordinator, Ms. Richa Mishra gave the vote of thanks.


The Pre Primary students celebrated the "White Day". The activity area was decorated in the colour theme. The students of classes Nursery to II came dressed in white coloured dresses. The boys looked extremely smart in white kurta and pyjama whereas the girls looked like angles in their pretty white dresses.

The children presented a song in which they talked about different white coloured objects like milk, rabbits, snow and even ghosts. The children dressed as those objects and presented their song.

They dressed in white coat as doctors and presented a play. A story of white bunnies was also presented by the little ones.

The children enjoyed the day and spent the day singing and dancing.

The Colour Days are celebrated to acquaint the tiny tots with the objects of the same colour. The participation by the students helps them learn and remember better.

The efforts of the teachers were appreciated by the Principal and the Coordinator.



A session for girls of classes X to XII was held in the premises of Azamgarh Public School heading the point of Girl's Protection and Empowerment.On this occasion, Mrs.Radhika, Mrs. Kiran Gupta, Mrs. Vidushi Asthana, Mr. Ilmaran(IPS) and Mr. Ayodhya Tiwari(S.O.-Rani Ki Sarai) were present who motivated the girls to stay safe and alert at all the places. He also told about the helpline numbers 100, 101, 1090 and 181 for help.

In relation to that, they also advised and discussed that in case of lodging the complaint, the identity of girls would not be revealed. Also, they talked about various safety measures and advised the girls not to share any personal information with the strangers. They appreciated the girls of APS for their responses and for already being aware of their safety. The girls took a pledge with the members to keep themselves safe and also help those in distress.

At last the Principal, Mrs. Huma Waseem and coordinator, Mrs. Richa Mishra concluded the session by boosting the morale of the girls and suggested them to believe in themselves. The whole session was undoubtedly enriching and provided a fresh zeal and confidence to everybody present. The session ended with a real positive note.

The video for the event can be viewed through this link


A one day summer camp was organised for the students of Pre Primary and classes VI to XII in association with the Reetu Camps and Tours, Kanpur on 05/05/2019. It was a complete day full of adventure and fun. Number of activities like double cycling, ride on mountain bike, flying fox, trampoline jumping were organised. The children also enjoyed the Foam Dance and Rain Dance with the DJ. The children were divided into groups and a teacher was made in charge of each group. It was the responsibility of the teacher in charge to assure that all the children of their group participated in every activity. The children danced and enjoyed the whole day long. The most exciting and popular activity among the children was the flying fox. The day ended with a puppet show organised by the Reetu Camps and Tours. Trophies were given away to the students who showed the best participation. The event was organised under the able guidance of Coordinator, Ms. Richa Mishra who thanked everyone for the wonderful participation.

The school also organised a 5 day summer camp (14/05/2019 to 18/05/2019) for the students of classes I to V in the premises. Various activities like art & craft, stitching, rangoli making, self defence, yoga, games, singing, dance, pottery making, model making and cooking without fire were included. The children participated whole heartedly in every activity. The children enjoyed in the splash pool every day to beat the heat of the summer. Each group was also shown a movie. On the day of Finale, the students displayed their work of art and all that they had learnt. The children demonstrated their skill in self defence and also presented song and dance. The drama club presented a fun filled play highlighting the misuse of social media. The little chefs displayed mouth-watering cuisine. The models made by the students were remarkable. This camp was also organised under the guidance of Ms. Richa Mishra and the teachers of Pre Primary and Primary section. The Principal enjoyed the display and appreciated the efforts of the teachers and children.


APS organised a graduation ceremony for its tiny tots on 16/03/2019. The students of Class UKG and Class II were given their results as they graduated from lower pre-primary and upper pre-primary respectively. The students were adorned in graduation gowns and caps and were handed over their results on stage. The parents of the young graduates were invited to witness the event and also the latent of the young ones. The little ones presented poetry, dance and song expressing their gratitude towards their teachers for all that they do for them. Master Shyan and Master Chirag of class II hosted the program with immense confidence. Mr. Noman, Manager APS graced the occasion with his presence and handed over the results to the little ones. Mr. Qurban Sheikh, Principal Noorjahan Children School, Lalganj was the special guest. He addressed the parents and told about the importance of good schooling at pre-primary and primary level. He appreciated the efforts of the teachers and wished them to do better in future. In her Vote of Thanks, Ms. Richa Mishra the Coordinator APS thanked the staff, students and parents for being present and making the event a success. Ms. Huma Waseem, Principal APS thanked the staff and said that investing in one’s child’s education is the best investment. The event was enjoyed and appreciated by all.


Azamgarh Public School celebrated the Dusshera on 17th Oct 2018 in which the Sir Syed House conducted the special assembly to highlight the importance of the day. The program started with the lighting of the lamp by Honourable Chairman Sir, Mr. Shah Alam Jamali and Manager Sir, Mr. Mohd. Noman. A prayer was conducted followed by Speech delivered by Master Abhishek Pratap Singh to familiarise everyone with the occasion and the victory of good over the evil. The tiny tots of Pre Primary section presented a play in which they showcased the abduction of Sita and her rescue by Lord Rama. Ravana’s wordings as a learned person were also shared by Master Sameer Saurabh to tell that every negative aspect also carries a positive side to it.

Tribute was paid to Sir Syed Ahmed Khan founder Aligarh Muslim University on his Birth Anniversary. His ideologies were shared by Master Zaryab and Master Saqueeb about how he dreamed of an educated world and his struggle to introduce modern education was also told. Important Alumni of AMU were also remembered. Mr. Shah Alam in his address talked about the importance of education and respect towards each other's beliefs and customs. He congratulated the students and staff and wished them on the occasion of Dusshera. Mr. Noman Also praised the efforts of the teachers and the students. It became a moment of nostalgia when the Choir presented the "Tarana" of Aligarh Muslim University which was joined by the teaching staff of APS who are alumni of AMU.

Ms. Richa Mishra, the Coordinator thanked everyone for making the event a success. The whole program was conducted and organised by the teacher In Charge of Sir Syed House Ms. Rachna Tripathi and Ms. Anam Asif under the guidance of Ms. Richa Mishra.

The program ended with National Anthem.



Azamgarh Public School participated in the CBSE Cluster V of Volleyball Tournament in the category of Under 17 & Under 19 organised at Dr. Savita Memorial Global Academy, Chunar- Mirzapur from 8th October 2018 to 11th October 2018. The teams participated under the guidance of the Coach Mr. Vinay Singh and the Team Manager Mr. Ahmar Aqueel. Though the Under 17 team lost out to the Sangam School, Pratapgarh in the Pre Quarter Finals, the boys played extremely well with a sportsmanship.

The Under 19 Team however kept moving ahead defeating their opponents. Out of 39 teams from East Zone that participated in the Under 19 category, Azamgarh Public School reached the Semi Finals by defeating BNS, Varanasi in a 3 set match. In the Semi Finals the boys showed a do or die attitude when they came back into the game after losing the first two sets to the opponent team from Sunbeam, Jaunpur. Winning the last three sets, the team made a dramatic entry into the Finals.

The Final was played on 11th Oct 2018 between Azamgarh Public School and Dalims Sunbeam, Rohania in which the boys clinched the trophy in three straight sets with the score board showing 25/17, 25/10, 25/13.

The proud members of the winning team were felicitated by giving away of the Gold Medals and the Trophy received by them in the Assembly by the Principal. Kashif Ajmal, Captain of the Team received the Trophy on behalf of the team members, Shaikh Wasi (XII), Md. Asim (XII), Md. Asmar(XII), Md. Akif (XI), Sameer Shaikh (XI), Abdul Rafe (IX), Md. Asmar (X), Abu Hamza (XI), Shashikant Singh (XII).


Azamgarh Public School near Kotila Check Post, Azamgarh celebrated the 150th Birth Anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi by organizing number of activities for the students which highlighted the views of Bapu.

The day began with a special assembly in which the students paid tribute to the Father of the Nation by sharing his thoughts and throwing light on his life and principles. In her speech Ms. Shifa of class VI spoke on the importance of cleanliness and also highlighted that all the religions give lot of importance to it. Ms. Huma Waseem, Principal Azamgarh Public School urged the students and staff to inculcate the habit of cleanliness and pass it on to others. Addressing the students and staff, she said that people should remember these things and not a laughing matter and should be taken seriously. The development of a country and its people depends on these factors which generally people ignore. A habit once developed stays forever so every child must develop a habit of cleanliness. Later drawing competition was held for the students of class VI & VII on the topic "Clean India- My country of Dreams"

Class VIII students participated in Slogan writing on the topic "Cleanliness". Class IX students expressed their views in an essay writing competition on the topic "Are we following the footsteps of Mahatma Gandhi?" Students of class IX also presented a Nukkad Natak on "Swachh Bharat" under the supervision of Ms. Anam Asif. The students presented the natak in the school and later presented the same in the nearby market area of Rani ki Sarai, Azamgarh Railway Station and Roadways Bus Stop. The aim of this was to sensitize the masses of the prevailing situation and make them aware that cleanliness is must.

Azamgarh Public School promotes and supports clean and green environment. Keep your surrounding clean and stay healthy.

AAGAMAN 2018-19

The students of class XII formally welcomed their juniors (Class XI students) on 30th Sep 2018 by hosting a grand Fresher’s Party “Aagaman”. The seniors welcomed their juniors by showering flower petals. The students of class XI came dressed in the blue color dress code and looked extremely smart. The program was conducted by Ms. Ayesha and Master Fahad of class XII. The seniors presented a number of interesting programmes to entertain their juniors. A special dance was presented by Master Anas of class XII Maths, a melodious song by Master Saqeeb of Class XII Com. A special presentation was done by the teachers as well in which Mr. Ravikant, the dance instructor presented his dancing skills and brought everyone on their feet. Mr. Pradeep Bhaduri presented a song in his melodious voice. The juniors were given titles which they received by coming up on the stage and introducing themselves.

The juniors were given titles which they received by coming up on the stage and introducing themselves. Master Gaurav made everyone laugh with his hilarious acts. The grand finale to the party was a dance presentation by group of boys in a unique way. Ms. RajNandini of class XI Com and Master Faris of class XI Bio were crowned Ms. Fresher and Mr. Fresher respectively, the announcement of which was done by the Principal Ms. Huma Waseem.

Ms. Richa Mishra, the Coordinator thanked everyone for the wonderful arrangement and the great welcome and hospitality. The teaching and non-teaching staff was also present on the occasion. The day ended with a lunch organized for everyone.


The tiny tots of Azamgarh Public School celebrated Green Day on 28/09/2018 with lot of enthusiasm. The teachers of the Pre Primary section organized the whole event under the able guidance of the Coordinator Ms. Richa Mishra. The school premises was decorated with the colour theme with green coloured balloons and cut out of trees. The children participated wearing green colour dresses and presented number of programs highlighting the importance of green colour. They sang and danced on songs related to environment and urged everyone to keep the environment clean and green. The children came dressed as green coloured fruits and vegetables and birds. Students of class I recited poem. The teachers of the pre Primary section took keen interest in making the event successful. The students were also distributed with green coloured jelly which they enjoyed. The cooperation rendered by the parents towards such events is commendable. It was nice to see how some parents had taken the pain to send green coloured food like green rice and green parathas which the kids ate during the lunch and felt proud. Overall the day ended on a good note with everyone smiling.




The awareness of our own strength makes us strong. Thought can organize the world so well that you are no longer able to see it. Raise your awareness and share your uniqueness to the world. Holding such an enlightening idea for girls of class IV to XII, Girls’ Awareness Week was organized in the premises of Azamgarh Public School from 23 July to 28 July, 2018 under the guidance of the Principal, Mrs. Huma Waseem, The coordinator, Mrs. Richa Mishra and Biology teacher, Ms. Shweta Srivastava.

It becomes utmost necessary to keep the girls of our society well aware of their personal health and hygiene and things or changes they come across while growing up. Girls of class IV to XII were told about their hygiene and its ways to stay healthy like keeping the menstrual hygiene. They were told about menstruation and the fact that it is as normal for a girl as growing beards for a boy and also that it is not a matter of shame. Platforms like schools act as a catalyst to bring reforms needed for the growth and development of society and remove superstitions. We also appreciate the steps of government to remove GST from sanitary napkins so that it becomes available to more and more girls and women to keep them healthy and safe.


Red Day was celebrated on 27th July, 2018 in the premises of Azamgarh Public School. Blooming Birds (Nursery-II) participated in this celebration by wearing red color dresses. The tiny tots conducted the assembly in which they dressed up as red colored fruits and vegetables like tomato, apple, cherry, red chili, carrot and recited poems. The teachers organized fun games for the students. The parents cooperated by sending their wards in the color theme. The students also brought some or the other red colored rose and food/fruits.

The aim of such event was to familiarize the tiny tots with the color and things associated with it.

The whole event was planned and organized under the able guidance of the Coordinator Ms. Richa Mishra and the Class teachers of Pre-Primary Section.

The Principal Ms. Huma Waseem and Vice Principal Mr. Sandeep Rai congratulated the teachers for their efforts.


A medical camp was organized in Azamgarh Public School from 11 August to 14 August 2018.This camp was conducted by UK Foundations, Azamgarh. Doctors, lab technicians and other staff members performed various tests of our students of all the classes.

The tests included Blood test for Blood group, TLC, DLC, Haemoglobin, etc. Besides these, eye test was done by ophthalmologists, ear and nose by ENT specialists and dental test by Dentists.

The students were quite excited and enthralled to get their tests done. The campus looked like a medical laboratory, full of doctors, technicians and all the relevant equipments. The doctors explained the students about hygiene and told them how to prevent themselves from various diseases.

It was quite a useful camp for the students considering their health and the awareness about hygiene and preventive measures of diseases.


A summer camp was organized in APS from 14 May to 19 May, 2018. Students from Nursery to class VI participated in this wonderful session that comprised of many activities. Teachers also took active participation in this six-day session.

Interesting activities like glass painting, T shirt painting, vegetable and thumb painting were organized for the tiny tots and they got engrossed in them. Besides this, music and dance competition was also held in which the children took active participation.

Number of other activities like, cooking without fire, pottery making, Best out of waste, Mickey Mouse, Yoga, self defense, Mehendi competition, stitching, Computer classes, English conversation, were also held. But the main attraction for the tiny tots was ‘Splash Pool’, in which they jumped and dived to beat the heat of hot summer. Children were shown inspiring movies and refreshment was also provided to them.

On the last day, all the activity in-charges presented the work of art completed by the students in this camp. The students also presented a small play which they prepared in the Acting Club. Group photographs were taken; all the craftwork done by the students was handed over to the students.

Ms. Richa Mishra, Coordinator, advised the students to take good care of them during the summer vacation. She advised the students to take plenty of water, keep out of direct sun, wear light cotton clothes, etc.

Mr. Sandeep Rai, the Vice Principal appreciated and acknowledged the efforts of all the staff involved.

The Principal, Ms. Huma Waseem thanked everyone for their active participation and in making the camp a successful one.


Labours’ Day, known as May Day was celebrated at Azamgarh Public School on May 1, 2018.

The Principal, Ms. Huma Waseem along with students, distributed flowers and gifts to all supporting staff of APS. The special guest, Dr. Abdullah of Phariha, who had been an educationist and worked for NASA and World Bank as a consultant, gave a moral speech to all the students and the staff present on this occasion.

Students of different classes started the program with a special prayer and later displayed a variety of programs dance, song, skit, and many more.

The Manager Mr. Noman Ahmad, in his speech, said that the development of any country depends upon its workers/labours, without them it will be very difficult for a nation to move ahead.

On this occasion, Vice Principal, Mr. Sandeep Rai, Coordinator, Ms Richa Mishra also congratulated the support staff and thanked them for their help along with all the teachers and staff members.

Overall, the function was quite successful and worked as an eye opener for those who were unaware of the role of workers, labours.


A grand book fair was organized by Scholastics in APS from 23rd April to 25th April 2018 for the students of Nursery to class XII.

Variety of books were displayed for students of all ages like Fairy Tales, Tom & Jerry, Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, Quick Mental Math, Counting, First Words, Math Puzzles and many more for the tiny tots.

There were books on Puzzles and Mazes, Word Play, Supermarket Surprises, Mega Coloring, etc. Comics like Batman, Spiderman, Superman, Wolverine, and other super heroes.

For teenagers, books like Emma, The Call of the Will, Railway Children, Gulliver’s Travel, Sherlock Holmes series were displayed.

The class teachers of all classes motivated the students of their respective classes to visit and buy good books. This initiative was taken to inculcate reading habits amongst the students and to encourage them to read good books in order to improve their vocabulary and speaking skills.

Of all the classes, class III A won the Reader’s Award as maximum number of books were purchased by them.

The Principal, Ms Huma Waseem thanked everyone for arranging the three-day mega event.


A workshop was organized at APS on 09/04/2018. It was conducted by Mohd. Usman Rawat, a motivational speaker of International fame. In this session, students of class XII were the main participants. On the onset, Mr. Rawat emphasized on the word “Personality”. He split up the words “Person” and “Ability”, and explained the importance of the same. He further stressed on “Self Confidence”, as how we can enhance our self confidence by adding will power, Determination and Dedication/Devotion.

He said that nothing was Free in this world, some are bought against money, some against time. But he said that the biggest hurdle amongst usb is to adapt to change, normally people resisting to change. To overcome this problem, we should be careful about our Attitude. Attitude is the biggest plus as well as biggest minus for us. Our Attitude should be positive, i.e., we should be careful about our arrogance that leads to Proud/Ego. We should be humble enough to adapt ourselves according to the circumstances.

Thereafter, he explained about how schooling/education helps us by citing various examples and data. He told the students to Get Rid of the followings:

  • Low self confidence
  • Lack of conviction/dedication
  • Fear of rejection
  • Unable to accept changes
  • Lack of time
  • Lack of educational facility
  • Feeling of Isolation
  • Fear of failure
  • Past failure
  • Negativity
  • Comparison
  • Criticism
  • Lack of vision
  • Lack of interest
  • Time pass

He advised students to Fight, never Flight, i.e., don’t try to escape the problems but face them. He told them to spread happiness and love amongst each other. He further advised some tips on Communication Skill. Under this he stressed on our dressing sense, and added that we should listen before we speak, i.e., to be a good listener first. Likewise, think before you write, try before you quit, forgive before you shout and above all, we must dream of a brighter tomorrow before going to sleep.

The students were quite satisfied and very much impressed by his talkings and advice. He further described Anger Management and explained S A R A H as Shock, Assertion, React, Act, Happy Ending. He told the students about Hygiene factors, i.e., how we can keep ourselves healthy by taking care of 5 Fs, fingers, flies, feces, food,, fluid, etc. Mr. Usman Rawat told our students to eliminate some distractive elements which we use most of the time. He gave example of Phone, TV, Story books, etc. He advised them to be focused on their goal, to prepare a calendar for study, try to learn to change their thinking, stay calm and always ready to adopt to positive changes, be confident of themselves and set multiple goals in life.

He further added some valuable teachings like,

  • Take time for self-care
  • Ascertain their abilities
  • Set a goal and plan to achieve the same
  • Keep evaluating the progress
  • If plan does not work, change the plan, not the goal.

Mr. Rawat recommended students how can they follow time management, like fixing up time for each subject, to give less time to the subjects they were strong and vice versa. He further added that education was a passport for their future (tomorrow), Tomorrow belongs to them who prepare for today. Aim of education should be knowledge with human values; otherwise it will be just like bucket filled with evils. He advised students to give respect to parents, teachers, self and everyone. He emphasized on honesty as morality in life comes through honesty only, dishonesty leads to darkness. If we are not honest, we can’t analyse our shortcomings.

In the end Mr. Rawat advised them to be spiritual as spirituality teaches us moral and human values. He told the students to be themselves, as nobody is like them on this planet; everyone is blessed with unique specialty.

On this occasion, the Principal, Ms Huma Waseem, Vice Principal Mr. Sandeep Rai, Coordinator Ms Richa Mishra and many teachers and staff members were present. Ms Huma Waseem thanked Mr. Mohd. Usman Rawat for sparing his precious time for this particular session, especially for the senior students who would be requiring such guidance in future.


The National De-worming Day was observed in Azamgarh Public School on 10/02/2018. On this occasion Dr. Soofia Utsahi, physician to the President of India was present in the premises and she emphasized on the diseases caused by various types of worms and the precaution measures to be taken. The Manager, Mr. Mohd. Noman Ahmad expressed his gratitude to The Principal, Vice Principal, Coordinator and all the teachers and staff members for holding such important issue which will help in making a healthy India. The Principal, Ms Huma Waseem said that due to worm infestation, thousands of children suffer from various ailments and many lose their life as well. She further said that we should be aware of this and take precautionary measures like washing our hands before and after meals, keep our nails clean and take anti-helminthes medicines at least twice in a year. The Vice Principal Mr. Sandeep Rai and Coordinator Ms Richa Mishra also stressed on this matter and said that awareness about the worms should be spread and precautionary measures should be taken accordingly. Free de-worming medicine was distributed to the students and staff in the presence of Dr. Soofia and Dr. Bebal Utsahi.

In the end, the Principal Ms Huma Waseem thanked everyone for the same and reminded not to forget this day as an event only.


A grand gala “fete” was organized in APS on 14 November 2017. In fact, the management decided to organize this challenging event for the first time since its inception and handed over the responsibility to teachers of all the four Houses, viz., Aziz, Sir Sayyed, Rahul and Shibli, and also to the staff members of administration department. Different houses arranged and prepared a range of eatables and drinks like, Pizza, Momo, Chaat, Dahi Vada, Phulki, Samosa, Jalebi, Burger, Pastry, confectioneries, Kachaloo, Bara Pao, Cotton Candy, Aloo matar Tikki, Pop corn, Bhel Puri, Chow mein, Banarasi chaat, Cake, ice-cream, cold drinks, coffee, etc. Besides these, several interesting games were also organized by these houses like, throwing of rings, blowing of balloons, feed laddoos to Bheem, dropping coins in the water, Dare to connect, Computer games, and many more. There was a huge rush of students, besides their guardians. All the stalls were beautifully and technically arranged by the admin department staff members, no one had any problem as such for getting their favourite dishes from respective stalls. Manager Sir, Mohd Noman Ahmad, also visited the fete and was delighted to see the arrangements, rush of the students, dedication of all staff members, the foods & drinks. He also visited all the stalls and tasted the delicious items there. Principal Madam was continuously monitoring all the activities on the ground. Ms. Richa Mishra took control of the ‘Song on Demand’ and played songs as per the students’ request, personalizing them with the messages to their friends. The tiny tots jumped with joy on the huge Mickey Mouse which was the centre of attraction for the day. The ‘Fun Fiesta’ concluded at 2 pm and the students boarded their buses with a smile and memories of the day.


8th Oct, 2017

A grand function was celebrated in APS. The theme was “Corruption Free India”. The function included slogan writing, cartoon making and a ‘street play’ (Nukkad Natak). It started with an oath taking ceremony by the students of IX to XII. The students emphasized the impact of corruption on our society and clarified how corruption was making our country hollow, and how it was shaking the basic roots of our country in all aspects. They also explained as how we can control the corruption by changing our thoughts, filtering knowledge and of course, by changing the way we vote in elections as majority of the leaders are corrupted. This play was also enacted in other areas like Rani Ki Sarai and Kotila by the same students. It was appreciated by all present there. The students of VI to VIII participated in slogan writing and cartoon making relevant to anti corruption. On this occasion, the students of Shibli House celebrated Guru Nanak Jayanti, the Sikh Guru by reciting Shabad kirtan and others. The students also celebrated 142nd birth anniversary of Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel, the Iron Man of India, by giving him respect through speeches on his achievements and service to the nation. The manager, Mr. Mohd. Noman Ahmad gave an inspirational speech on this occasion. He emphasized on self introspection that would change our thoughts and performance, thus helping our nation towards the path of glory and development. The Principal, Ms Huma Waseem, expressed her gratitude and appreciation to all those who made this programme a grand success.


18th Oct, 2017

On the eve of Diwali, the school celebrated the function with full zeal. The show was anchored by Yash of class VIII, followed by the pledge, thought, News, etc. Anurag Rai of VIII told about the importance of Diwali, it was followed by a dance no by Kishan of XII B2 which was dedicated to Ganesh ji and Goddess Lakshmi. The tiny tots of LKG read a beautiful poem and they also portrayed the role of Rama, Lakshmana and Seeta. Junior students of VI – VIII portrayed as lord Ganesh and Goddess Lakshmi. The Principal, Ms Huma Waseem, thanked all the students participated in conducting this beautiful programme, and also the Vice Principal, Mr. Sandeep Rai, and Coordinator, Ms Richa Mishra and other staff members for their support to make this programme a successful one. Overall, the function was a grand success.


17th Oct, 2017

The 200th birthday of Sir Sayyed Ahmad Khan was celebrated in APS. In the beginning, the students of XI B2 gave a brief introduction about Sir Sayyed, like his birth, education, aim in life, achievements, etc. He was highly convinced by the British system in terms of education and other matters, which he decided to adopt in terms of Indian society later on. He established the first Muslim University of Asia in Aligarh, named Mohd. Anglo Oriental College, which was eventually named as the famous Aligarh Muslim University in 1920. The main motto of AMU was “Taught Man What He Knew Not”. AMU not only provides education but etiquettes as well. Thereafter, Fareha Mahmood of XII C1 named the eminent persons who took their education from AMU. After this, Fahad of XI B2 read the last message given by Sir Sayyed Ahmad Khan. It was followed by an inspirational speech by Principal, Ms Huma Waseem who illustrated the achievements made by Sir Sayyed Ahmad Khan. In the end, the function ended with the “Tarana” written by the famous poet Majas Lakhnavi, all the eminent teachers also participated in this followed by National anthem.


7th Oct, 2017

Various inter house activities, like Diya decoration, Thali decoration and Rangoli competitions were held at APS. The students of I to V participated in Diya decoration competition. They prepared beautiful and decorative Diyas using various materials, colors and their innovative ideas which were highly appraised by almost everyone present over there. Thali decoration competition was done by the students of VI to VIII wherein they prepared excellent Thalis (plates) covered with colored papers and/or various paints. The Thalis were decorated from outer side with colored papers, ribbons, beads, etc. The senior students of IX to XII participated in Rangoli competition. They prepared a variety of attractive, colorful and eye-catching Rangolis that looked quite striking from all perspective. Mr. Sandeep Rai, Vice-Principal, and Ms. Richa Mishra, Coordinator appreciated the efforts of the concerned teachers and the students involved in it. Ms. Huma Waseem, the Principal, thanked everyone for making this activity a successful one. The events were judged by the Principal, V.P., Coordinator and Art Teacher.


26th Sept, 2017

A special program ‘Investiture’ was held in APS today. The main aim of this function was to provide a platform to showcase the leadership skills and abilities of our students. The students were explained how ’delegation of authority’ is being provided to them and how they have to accept the responsibilities therein. This helps the students to have their leadership qualities and become good citizens of the country.The function began with the ‘Lighting of Lamp’ by the honorable chief guest Mr. Luqman Ali Khan, DGM (Regional Manager), Union Bank of India, Azamgarh, Mr. Md. Noman , Manager APS, Mrs. Huma Waseem, Principal APS, Mr. Sandeep Rai, Vice Principal and Mrs. Richa Mishra, Coordinator.It was followed by the ‘Welcome Song’ by the school choir. Thereafter, Mr. Mohd. Noman Manager, delivered as inspiring speech. In the main ceremony, the honorable chief guest Mr. Luqman Ali Khan handed over the respective posts and presented the badges and sashes to all the students accordingly. This was followed by an ‘Oath’ taking ceremony which was lead by Principal Mrs. Huma Waseem and ‘Prayer’ was conducted under the guidance of Vice Principal Mr. Sandeep Rai.
The Head Boy Master Shahrose Ahmad Iraqui and the head girl Miss Fareha Mehmood (from Class XII C1) delivered speeches respectively. The chief guest Mr. Luqman Ali Khan gave a highly motivating and inspiring speech to the students and explained how they should follow the instructions of their elders, follow the responsibilities and become good citizens of the country.After the inspiring speech, the tiny tots displayed a magnificent dance number that thrilled everyone present there.It was followed by the speech by Principal Mrs. Huma waseem who emphasized on the responsibilities which the students would take seriously.The coordinator Mrs. Richa Mishra thanked everyone for making the function a special one. The program was concluded by the National Anthem.



25th July, 2017

Yellow Day was celebrated held on 25th July, 2017 in the premises of Azamgarh Public School. Blooming Birds (Nursery-UKG) participated in this celebration by wearing yellow color dresses. The tiny tots conducted the assembly in which they dressed up as yellow colored fruits like mango, banana, pine apple and recited poems. The teachers organized fun games for the students. The parents cooperated by sending their wards in the color theme. The students also brought some or the other yellow colored food. The aim of such event was to familiarize the tiny tots with the color and things associated with it. The whole event was planned and organized under the able guidance of the Coordinator Ms. Richa Mishra and the Class teachers of Nursery, LKG and UKG. The Principal Ms. Huma Waseem and Vice Principal Mr. Sandeep Rai congratulated the teachers for their efforts

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