Message from the desk of Principal

The imagination and creativity of the students takes a form that can reach out to the masses far and wide. Every child is unique in his or her own way and we at APS believe in encouraging them to boost up their self-confidence so that they know they are useful to self and to the society. We not only help them achieve excellence in academics but also develop creativity, confidence and resilience to be independent and lifelong learners. We put effort in providing them a platform for a very creative way of harnessing the talent of distracted minds and giving them a set direction. We believe in letting them give shape to their imagination in form of stories, articles, poems and paintings.

At APS, we believe in building a good citizen, a good human and not just a person who is good academically. The extracurricular activities which have been interwoven along with the academics help our students to develop their talent, build up their confidence and give wings to their dreams while encouraging parents to contribute their thoughts as we believe in collaborating and communicating.

Wishing you all the best of luck for all your endeavors.

Huma Waseem
(Principal, APS)